Cafe 2.0 in Yonkers creates a new kind of buzz with it's Yonkers vs. Everybody blend by (lohud)

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There aren't a lot of new businesses opening during the coronavirus but Reginald Joseph, the owner of the Cafe 2.0 in Yonkers wasn't going to let a pandemic stop him.

What was going to be a coffeehouse perched by the Hudson — and is still technically under construction awaiting permits — is now an online coffee bean delivery service featuring freshly roasted whole bean and ground coffee.

And that means beans with an attitude like their Yonkers vs. Everybody house blend, a mix of Central and South American beans that are roasted in Yonkers. There are also Yonkers vs. Everybody mugs and T-shirts.

It's a vast departure from where Joseph and business partner Lamont Badru, thought they'd be. Original plans had been to open their 20-seat cafe on April 15.

“With the non-essential businesses ordered to close, and restaurants relying solely on-to-go on and delivery orders, our grand opening plans for April at the Yonkers waterfront location had to be put on hold,” said Joseph.

"Over the last two months, the pandemic has greatly impacted our economy. Since we won't be able to complete construction on the coffee-bar until the Buildings Department and the City of Yonkers lifts the non-essential business orders, we were forced to reset and focus our efforts on Café 2.0’s e-commerce, delivery and subscription service, which introduces our coffee line and products.”

The goal is to hopefully open their brick and mortar location at 1 Alexander Street by summer. In the meantime, you can find their offerings at

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